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Quintans Urban Developments was born five years ago with the objective to develop high quality and functional urban properties. As the years gone by, we have made strategic alliances with well-known architects, suppliers and building companies, in order to make each project unique.

Quintans Urban Developments is an integral business, specializing on residential buildings. We follow every aspect of the development, from the beginning to selling each apartment. In each project we look for the best location, acquiring the land, seeking for investments, looking for renamed architectural studios, managing construction and developing a real estate agency. Our mission is to always add value in every phase of the project in order to maximize benefits for our investors, clients and users.

In Quintans Urban Developments we have strong quality and service values with a high commitment towards the satisfaction of our investors, clients and users, trying to build long-term relationships with them, focusing on trust and profitability every time.



Satisfy expectations and needs of our clients through an efficient and excellent service.


Become a reference in real estate developments in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area.


Ethical and professional behavior, committed to satisfy our client’s results. Always focused to offer high quality service.